Members Club

This is where the excitement begins.

We have three tiers of membership, all of which are totally free and simply dependent on your previous and future property purchases. Of course, you can move up automatically as soon as you reach the qualifying criteria for each category, which are shown below.


Being a Silver member has fantastic benefits and is really the foundation to the whole members club.

Each client who has a portfolio equating to £1m + will automatically be placed in the Silver category.

To remain here, each client will be required to make a minimum of 3 investments each year.


Gold is the next level within Prestige and is offered to investors who have a investment portfolio of £5m+.

This collection offers all of silver rewards and more.

To remain here, each client will make a minimum of 6 investments each year.


Finally, our Platinum collection which is so discrete we can’t divulge what’s in it.

This collection is completely confidential.

To discuss what is required within this category, please contact us to discuss further.