FW Prestige is an extension of Flambard Williams, on an invite only basis, that caters for those who want a more bespoke, higher end luxury service.

We have linked up with some of the most prestigious developments around the globe including London, UAE and Europe – All of which are totally off market. You will never see them advertised anywhere and we can bring them to your door, unlocking some of the best opportunities in the world.

By making several investments with FW Prestige, you will be automatically enrolled into one of our Prestige Collections which you can read about here. Each of these collections offer something different but let’s just say, for no extra cost, you are about to enter one of the best private members clubs in the world.

You will also be invited along to our events throughout the year, whether that be our wine tastings at our partnered private members clubs, tickets to those events which are typically out of reach, or our totally bespoke Golf event with our PGA Ambassador Wilco Nienaber.

Meet the team

Chris Whetstone

Managing Director

As the MD of the Flambard Williams Group, I have great pleasure when I see members of the team grow the company with dedication and hard work. Shannice has done just that with FW Prestige.

We knew that we wanted to offer our clients that little bit extra, but it took time to pull everything together and get a great team behind us that can support us with the concierge service.

Personally, I have over 20 years of experience in global property sales. Having worked and sold luxury and everyday property in multiple countries over the years including Dubai, South Africa, Spain, Italy and of course the UK, I am well placed to work out market trends, seek opportunities and of course spot a bargain when I see one.

With so many options for clients, we are sure to have an exciting prospect for you.

Shannice Fredericks

Sales Director

As the Director of FW Prestige, I am so proud to see what has been achieved as part of the natural expansion of Flambard Williams.

The growth story really came from the understanding that every single property purchase (whether that be a home or an investment) should be rewarded with more than a set of keys; it should provide the chance to become something more.

I believe that success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. 

I am excited to see what else is coming for FW Prestige!

Our Ambassador

Wilco Nienaber

We are delighted to announce Wilco Nienaber as the new brand ambassador for Flambard Williams. Since turning professional, and at only 22 years old, Wilco has become a familiar personality on the world golf circuit. Renowned for his sensationally long drive, and a reliable all round game, it’s really only a matter of time before Wilco wins a Major.

Wilco’s standing in the professional game perfectly represents the world class stature of FW Prestige. Having secured an exclusive 3-year deal, we are excited to have Wilco join us on a number of salubrious events and golf days throughout the year.

Prestige Experiences

Each of the below clients, regardless of what they purchased, all got invited to join the members club and are taking advantage of the perks each and every month for not a penny more than their property purchase.


Kishan’s main goal was to invest for his children

Kishan, based in Pakistan works in manufacturing and was not heavily reliant on immediate income coming in.

Kishan had £800k and originally planned to buy something close to London to put aside for his children when they decide to come over and study. However, after running the numbers and ROI’s, we eventually invested this £800k into four properties outside of London in up and coming areas to quadruple his income and long term capital appreciation.

Kishan is now making 10% NET returns on these investments, equating to £80,000 per year just from income alone.


Andrea wanted a Penthouse Holiday Home in Australia

Andrea frequently travelled for work purposes to Australia as a Tech entrepreneur.

We decided that she needed a holiday home, that she could reside in and feel settled considering the amount of time between London and Australia.

Location and views were of utmost importance to her – So, we located a beautiful penthouse apartment on the Sydney Harbour whilst also being close proximity to Sydney CBD for work purposes.

Not only did this save Andrea time which she can now put into her business, she is also making capital gains and has the comfort of two homes when needed.


Simon wanted land, land and more land

Simon is another client of ours who tasked us with finding his perfect plot of land on a golf course for him and his family.

After getting his budget and desired areas we spoke with our extensive contacts and found some off market land in an area of Portugal renowned for its golf and luxury.

After two further years of our help, Simon finally had his completed project and now spends more time there than he does at home.